Process & Management

Product Lifecycle Management is an information system that coordinates all aspects of a Product from Planning, through Design & Development until Production.

With the increasing globalization in Supply Chains from various customer demands, the rising complexity of Products and the intensifying competition,  large companies The ability to manage a truly global development program has surcfaced a critical competitive strategy for large companies.

By participating PLM from customer, we can intergrates people, data, processes and business systems and provides a Product information backone for a Company and its ENTENDED ENTERPRISE increasing its COST, QUALITY & TIME competitiveness with customer together!!

Sample Development Process

  • 01  Customer Enquiries

  • 02  Design Artwork

  • 03  Quotation

  • 04  Confirmation Development

  • 05  Sample Making

  • 06  Internal Test

  • 07  Product Submission

  • 08  Customer Approved Confirmation

Product Production Process

  • 01  Customer Orders

  • 02  Order Confirmation

  • 03  Production Arrangements

  • 04  Quality Test

  • 05  Quality Check

  • 06  Product Packaging

  • 07  On Time Delivery

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